Niche Why Football Fans Need Their Own Social Network

In recent years social media has evolved from a communication tool between people to a dominant driving force on the World Wide Web. Nowadays social media has a huge impact not only on the digital realm, but also on business, politics, trends and almost all aspects of our world.A common assumption is that social networks are totally driven by people, but that is partially incorrect, in reality social networks are driven by dominant forces and media giants. In reality people are not shaping social media, but social media is shaped for them and they just follow, which is a sad reality by itself because social networks were supposed to be driven by the people not the other way around.How this is related to football. Football is the most popular sport on earth, more than 3.4 Billion people watched world cup 2010, almost half of the planet! And it was estimated that about 1 billion people watched world Cup 2014 final between Germany and Argentina. Traditionally football has always been covered by TV, newspapers and news websites. But in recent years social networks started taking an important portion of this coverage. With the shift from traditional news to social media news, and from computer devices to mobile devices, people now are more comfortable in consuming football news in their favorite social network, and at the comfort of their mobile devices. You can get all football news from all sources at your news feeds depending on the pages that you follow, compare this with search engines or bookmarking several websites, the first option became the more popular method of following sports events.

Although football has good presence in top social networks but for football enthusiasts that presence is lacking or not enough, for instance you still do not get updated with all football events, and as a football fan you will need to do exhausting search to follow all the pages you are interested in. Other problem is that football news are buried inside swarm of posts from all other subjects, where you cannot easily filter out posts that are not related to football.

Football fans deserve their own social network where they can talk exclusively about football and share related news and stories. They need social channels that are dedicated for football fans, where they can meet, interact and share football passion. They need a place where they can follow the latest news and matches results without the need to leave to search for the information.In a new world governed by social media, people are becoming addicted to the ease of access to information that social media provides. And because people are obsessed with ease of access to what they are interested in, the future of social media will be shifting towards niche social networks that are specialized in specific interests and affinities.

Niche Questions You Should Ask During Yoga Teacher Training and More

One of the first and most fundamental questions that you should be asking is whether a yoga teacher training course, can make you competent enough in order to be able to teach others in return. It’s quite obvious that the most established yoga trainers around have undergone comprehensive training courses before making a mark in the industry. So, yes! There are no yoga teachers without training programs. The focus should be on the quality of course. You can gauge the credentials of a particular program by tracking down its success record and its contents. Notably, it shouldn’t really miss out on vital parts like meditation, Ashtanga and so on and so forth. Provided below are a few aspects you should focus on before selecting a program.

Quality of the teacher training courseObviously, nothing beats the experience of taking part in yoga teacher training. Imagine your tutor guiding you to achieve the perfect balance between mind, body and soul in the lap of serene Mother Nature. It’s not without a reason that aspiring yogis from abroad throng this place every year to master yoga skills. Which particular program are you opting for? Is it recommended by someone you trust? What are the ex-students doing now in their lives? Have they been able to etch out a niche for themselves?The question of fees and other considerationsThis, of course, is necessary. Fees may differ as per the duration of the course, the contents of each course – and, at times, even the quality of faculty roped in by the particular institution you’re aiming for.Judging yourselfExperts suggest that you should never judge yourself too harshly. Ideally, if you take part in yoga teacher training programme it should be like a cakewalk for you. After all, there would be coaches and tutors to judge and advise you on a regular basis – advise and guide you when things go wrong – and generally make it easier for you. Never castigate yourself for not being able to master skills properly at the first go. Turn to your tutors for help and be duly guided.

The commonality of it allIt is common to see that we are making mistakes when we are ready “to take the leap”-we’re ready to become teachers instead of just remaining students. You should understand the basic thing that only when you stop criticizing yourself will you be emboldened enough to walk the path of a yoga teacher. It is also important that there are step-by-step instructions in the yoga teacher training programme that you are taking part in presently. It should have a decent amount of resources as well so that you are able to educate yourself continuously.